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    It seems to me that in order to get valuable answers, one must not only pose one's question precisely and articulately, but one must also anticipate the mindset of the first responders so that the collective response doesn't get mired in side issues. I have had the experience of seeing some of my questions die on the vine leaving me to wonder whether really no one in the community had a valuable answer, or if rather, I simply pitched the question wrong in the first place.

    So, how does one try again. Does merely editing the question get it back into rotation? What is the etiquette?

    @David: yes, editing the question bumps it back to the top, which will give it a little more attention. Many people I think will look at it quickly to see what has changed. If you are not satisfied with the answers you have received, then it could be appropriate to add to the bottom of the question the reasons why (politely, of course) and additional clarifying information that you think will help receive the desired answers.

    If you receive an answer which you recognize as a correct and complete answer to the question that you asked but not to the question that you wanted to ask, then consensus here seems to be that the respectful thing to do is accept the answer and try again with a different question. But this doesn't sound like your situation as you describe it.

    All in all, the goal of the site is of course for the OP to receive at least one answer to her question that she finds satisfactory, so if you're not there yet, feel free to keep trying.

    • CommentAuthorAlex Bartel
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2011 edited

    Never mind.

    What Pete said. Alternatively, you could point this discussion to a couple of your questions which have "died on the vine" and maybe get some constructive comments on what to do about them.