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    What exactly is the problem with other than that people could confuse it with other problems? I have tried entering lines from the array (e.g., k=n+2,k=2n) into the OEIS, and it doesn't have them yet. I have voted to reopen.
    I'm sorry I was a bit too hasty casting a closing vote. Voted to reopen.
    Douglas, there is another problem with that question, which problem I've just finished putting into a comment. But I'm not voting to re-close (at least, not yet).
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    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2011 edited
    Not being in a position to vote on closure/opening of questions, I merely wanted to formulate my 'problem' with this form of question (not only this specific one but also similar ones, say, in combinatorics / elementary number theory),
    which is related to but slightly different from what Gerry Myerson said.

    The way the question is asked it is essentially impossible to tell what background the person asking the question has, and why s/he is asking the question.
    Howver, this information is relevant to know what type of answer is useful.

    Is this essentially a reference request of somebody familiar with combinatorics?
    Is it a general interest question by a mathematician, or a non-mathematician, say, more or less a puzzle?

    Both are fine reasons to ask a question. But, neither would it make sense to give explanations of basics of the field to somebody already familiar with them, nor would it make much sense that somebody invests time to consider the problem and then possibly to suggest a sophisticated approach the reaction to which of the originally asker (explictly or implictly) might be: 'oh then, nevermind, I thought there has to be a nice/simple fomula'.

    Thus, in particular, for questions that have an 'elementary flavour' it seems reasonable to me to ask for some kind of context/motivation.

    ps: My research is (partly) concerned with questions that have an 'elementary flavour'; so I certainly have nothing against 'elementary flavour'.
    Thanks for reopening the question.

    I agree that the question was far from perfect. However, many questions which are not perfect are simply answered without being voted up, or voted down, rather than closed.