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    Francois Dorais was kind enough to invite me to ask the community here at MO -- I hope it's not entirely inappropriate for meta MO.

    A small group (including myself) recently started to make it easier to see what's currently to read on mathematically inclined blogs (especially for those who do not regularly follow blogs). It's work in progress and we still consider it "beta", but we hope it's already helpful in its current state.

    You might wonder what this has to do with MO.

    1) "that's more appropriate for a blog"

    As some questions on MO (e.g. get closed with a comment along the lines of "that's more appropriate for a blog", we thought it could be helpful to refer people in search of appropriate blogs/bloggers to

    2) crowd sourcing help

    We originally based our database on the excellent list at (to be exact, the active blogs on that list). So far we include ~150 blogs (our database will be available to everyone soon, just as the code already is). Even though there's a constant trickle of new blogs that reach us via our front page, chances are that we're still missing quite a few.

    If you find the time to stop by and check whether your favorite blog is in our list (and perhaps let us know if it isn't), we'd be very grateful. With the help of the great community here at MO, we're sure we could get an almost complete database.

    Of course, if you have any other comments feel free to let us know (for example, directly at or at ).

    Thanks in advance for any help and comments!
    • CommentAuthorMariano
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2011 edited

    Ah! That's very useful, really.

    (I imagine the icons are originally in SVG form; they should probably be converted to PNG at a size closer to the one they are being used: Firefox is, for some reason, doing a really bad job at that, and doing it at the correct size would get you anti-aliasing and what not... If help is needed, don't doubt contacting me)

    Thanks for the info. I'd say, I'll look into it but cf.

    However, I feel it's inappropriate to discuss technical aspects of our site here. So if you have further comments in that respect could you let us know on the developer blog or the bugtracker on github?