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    • CommentAuthorawllower
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2011
    As the title suggests, it is a problem to me, perhaps because my computer skill is pretty poor.
    In any case, thank you for telling me.
    Under normal circumstances, just writing (for example by copying and pasting it) the address you want to link to in the question/answer should suffices. The link, then, is created automatically when posting it.

    But I think there are some limitations on posting links for low reputation users: for instance, I seem to recall that you can post at most one link until you reach X rep, where I forget what X is and even its order of magnitude (100?).

    For what it's worth -- i.e., nothing, at present -- I think this is a distinctly unhelpful policy.


    @Pete: the rationale is easy to understand. It's intended to deter spambots. Fortunately we have not really had this problem.

    Ah yes, I should have mentioned that one link limitation, thanks for reminding me.

    From the FAQs, 15 points to be able to post more than one link and images (and no other values are mentioned related to this).

    Also, there can be sometimes problems if there are special characters in your URL: in that case the MarkDown software may not properly recognize the end of the link. You can click on the link symbol in the built-in editor for the textbox (the button that shows the globe with an arrow), and enter the link that way.